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Nomination of top-candidates in European Elections will spur voters' interest.  "The nomination of top-candidates for the post of Commission President by the European Parties for the 2014 European Elections will personalize the election campaign and enable citizens to directly choose the head of the EU's executive. This will lead to increased voters' interest and ultimately help the creation of a European public sphere", said Jo Leinen, President of the European Movement International (EMI), after the Commission issued a recommendation with this regard to the European Parties and the Member States.

 "The European Movement International strongly welcomes Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding's support for similar calls by the EMI and the European Parliament”, commented Jo Leinen.

 "The political parties in the Member States must also comprehensively inform the citizens about the program their top-candidates and European political families stand for", concluded Leinen.

The EMI Federal Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution calling for the nomination of top-candidates already in November 2011 and repeatedly reaffirmed its position. The European Parliament took a similar stance in November 2012.

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